Queens or Kings

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Queens or Kings

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For the United Kingdom, few would not know the three great queens—Elizabeth I, Victoria, and Elizabeth II, the present queen. All three of these women reigned on the throne of the most vibrant and successful nation that ever existed. They reigned for decades with great success. Victoria and Elizabeth II reigned for over 60 years each. Which king could be placed with them in a more favorable light?

God promised King David that there would not be a time where there would not be a son to sit on his throne (1 Kings 9:5 1 Kings 9:5Then I will establish the throne of your kingdom on Israel for ever, as I promised to David your father, saying, There shall not fail you a man on the throne of Israel.
American King James Version×
)—but God did not say a woman could not sit there. Thus we believe that the royal line of England is a continuation of that promise. Sometimes we need to consider that their success is not only a result of the kind of person they were, but also of God’s determination to fulfill His promise to David. This year is the diamond jubilee year for the Queen. England has known great stability in her time on the throne.