Quitting Complaining

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Quitting Complaining

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We can all find something about another person that we can complain about. He or she is always too early or too late, too nervous or too calm, too nosy or too detached, too fat or too thin. He has a bad taste in music; she holds too high an opinion of herself; he isn’t honest; she isn’t loving enough; he has a bad hairstyle—need we say more? We have a tendency to judge others and in time we may begin to dislike them.

If we want peace within ourselves, we must learn to stop judging others and judge only ourselves. We can change ourselves, but it is nigh unto impossible to change others.

The apostle Paul asked Church brethren why they would judge another since each person has to answer to God. He said we should rather judge ourselves (Romans 14:4, 10).

It is beautiful to realize that when we apply God’s way of doing things, we are the beneficiaries. To be at peace within yourself is a blessing God offers.