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A lady was once upset because she had asked her husband to do a number of small chores around the house. He always said he would, but he didn’t do it. Then she heard one very good piece of advice from a friend. “Make a small list and paste it on the door of the refrigerator.” By doing this, her husband would always have a reminder, and she would no longer need to worry or to nag. Six weeks later the list had been completed. He had the will and desire, but needed a constant reminder. We are all a little like that.

There are many different ways of reminding ourselves. One good way is to post a few notes around the house in places you often visit. The mirror, fridge or computer would be good choices. Seeing it everywhere provides the constant reminder of our goal and helps to focus our attention on attaining it. Paul said we need reminders of our faith (2 Timothy 1:6). Keep the Bible in an obvious place and develop a habit of posting a scripture in a certain place in your home. Remind yourself of the hope that lies in you.

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