So Far, So Good

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So Far, So Good

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That thought pattern of “so far, so good” allows a person to continue enjoying what they enjoy and doing what they do, just as long as the conditions remain—that is, as long as they are alive, healthy and wealthy. But nothing in this universe is constant, so things will change. Physical life ends, and if no preparation or thought is given to “forever,” there may be none.

The day comes when our life is required of us and we die. That is the day when only that which is done in preparation for “forever” will matter and only a fool will have done nothing. Jesus spoke about such a man who was enjoying life, and for him it was “so far, so good” (Luke 12:18-21). Our relationship with our Creator needs to part of our everyday life and thoughts. That relationship reaches far beyond the things of this physical life, though it includes the enjoyment of life as well. A godly man can say “so far, so good” and know that when the temporary implication of this saying fails, life can continue forever.