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Status Quo

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Status quo is Latin for “the state in which.” Maintaining the status quo means doing nothing to change the current state of things. But simply retaining the status quo doesn’t take into consideration that living in society means interacting with people. Some are good and some not so good. We may need to improve ourselves—reeducate ourselves, seek new employment or move to a better location. Change is a certainty in life. The status quo cannot be held. It will either get worse or, by strong effort, we can make it better.

How do you feel about the stage of life you’re presently in? Are you happy with who you are and what you have done? Would you be ready to meet your Maker today if that were required of you (Luke 12:20)? We are all sinners, which is our human status quo. God offers more through Jesus Christ. He offers a way to get out of this mess and into a whole new life. Taking God’s offer means putting forth an effort that shows we truly want to live God’s way of life. Life can end very quickly, and simply retaining our status quo will not suffice. It does not have to end that way—God offers us everything new. Change your status quo!