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One of my first jobs was that of a stock-taker. It was not glamorous because I just went about counting boxes. It was important, though, because that was how we knew what we had left and what needed to be replenished. At times, stock was damaged and had to be removed. All businesses have some means of taking stock on regular intervals.

Have you ever “taken stock” of yourself? You do have many assets and you may have some that you do not realize you have. They may be gathering dust in some dark corner because nobody has counted them. There may also be some assets that are outdated or damaged and in need of repair or replacement. We all change, and strengths and weaknesses can creep in without us realizing that they are there. Taking stock of yourself at least once a year is a positive step. God advises us to do that when we are told to examine ourselves during the Passover season (1 Corinthians 11:28). 

God wants us to take a look in the mirror, compare ourselves to what He calls being worthy and become a better, more godly person. The Passover is the remembrance of the suffering Christ endured on your behalf (and mine). It is a time to recall how precious this great gift to mankind truly is and make sure our assets are godly. Taking stock of ourselves helps us recognize and remove spiritual leaven and replenish areas that need attention. In the case of Passover, we need to be reminded of the glory and magnitude of the precious blood that was shed for us. We need to judge ourselves (1 Corinthians 11:31), or God will.