Thank God for Pain

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Thank God for Pain

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We take painkillers in whatever amount needed to dull or remove any pain we suffer. Is there anything good about pain? Should we thank God for pain? Pain is the message that some part of our body sends to our mind to tell us something is wrong. We learn to treat that ailing part with care and attention (I Corinthians 12:26). We learn great lessons when we suffer. Patience, determination, consideration and developing a feeling toward others who also suffer are some of the benefits.

James wrote that we ought to consider it all joy when we fall into various trials (James 1:2 James 1:2My brothers, count it all joy when you fall into divers temptations;
American King James Version×
). He knew we should thank God for the trials because through them we can see our weaknesses and faults and our need for His part in our lives. We can also understand what needs correction. As we respond to the trials we endure, we develop the parts of our character that can only grow when we suffer.

Endurance only grows when we have something to endure. Patience grows in the arena of trials that demand patience. When the good fruits have grown and developed, then we will know why to thank God for our trials and pain.