The Hindrance of Jealousy

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The Hindrance of Jealousy

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Ever notice how many accomplished or successful people are envied by others? We hear people say, “I wish I could do that” or, “If I would have had the chances in life he had, I could do that too.”

Skill and excellence are the result of a lot of work and effort, but some find it difficult to simply appreciate the work of the artist and compliment her for her effort. We can covet a person’s talent just as strongly as his wealth.

Jealousy does not help us succeed. It hinders us from realizing that, if we are simply willing to put in the effort, we too can be successful. We say, “He is lucky”—and perhaps good fortune plays a minor role—but wise people will tell you that consistent effort brings its own “luck.” If we control our jealousies and focus on the work of our own hands, we will find a happier way to live.