The Waste of Worry

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The Waste of Worry

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The experiences of life may have driven us toward a constant state of concern and worry, even without our intent. It is not easy to change this type of thinking, but it is necessary to grow and improve. Ignoring the problem will only end in enlarging it, because worry gets worse as the years go by. Soon everything positive is smothered, and not only an individual’s attitude is affected, but all those around are influenced negatively as well.

Jesus does not admonish people to quit needless worry for nothing (Matthew 6:31-34). He did not mean we are not to plan, work hard or have hope or concern. He meant the kind of worrying that destroys our motivation and weakens our efforts. We cannot change anything by worrying, except perhaps that our faces will develop a few more wrinkles. We can, however, learn to have the right attitude toward things around us. Put that worry away and rely on God.

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