Time and Chance

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Time and Chance

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The Bible also makes that clear (Ecclesiastes 9:11). People who have a strong belief in God sometimes seem to think that they should somehow be exempt from this normal state of affairs. Somehow it seems unfair to them that even the wicked should have good things occur in their lives.

Jesus told us that rain falls on the just and unjust and the sun shines on the good as well as the evil people (Matthew 5:45). There is nothing that God cannot do, but as a loving Father and wonderful Creator, He knows the boundaries of what He should and should not do. When Jesus said, "Thy will be done," He drew no boundaries. His life was according to the will of God. The sooner we accept the truth that time and chance can happen to us all, the sooner we will take steps to avoid the bad things that time and chance can bring. We will be far more blessed with good things than hurt by bad things. Maximize the good and minimize the bad. That is a good plan, showing wisdom and trust in our Father.