Value for Effort

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Value for Effort

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Time is valuable, and since our years are limited the lesson of its value is a great one. There are many moments in our lives where events come along and take up much more effort and time than we would like to spend on them. A constant talker soon causes us to seek an exit. The constant suction of our time by advertisements, attempts to make us respond or the constant demand for attention by the telephone, text messages or the attraction of time consuming soap operas rob us of years of value by taking pointless hours daily.

The Bible uses the way we strain at gnats and swallow camels to help us understand the need to evaluate what we talk about and what we do each day (Matthew 23:24). It takes self-discipline and a lot of wisdom to recognize value for effort. To spend a huge amount of time on an insignificant job is a waste of effort. Five dollar time is a big block when compared to five cent time. Waste of time can be a waste of life. Work hard and put effort into all you do wisely discerning how you spend your time.