Weak and Strong are Accepted

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Weak and Strong are Accepted

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There are cultural differences, I.Q. differences, levels of maturity and knowledge and other factors that are apparent. There are the strong, and there are the weak. God accepts them both and expects the weak to grow in strength and the strong to help them. People who have a sincere desire to obey God are no different—there are strong and weak among God’s people, too. God gives us the Bible to learn how we should live and grow.

His method allows us to examine ourselves in the light of His Word, whether we think we are weak or strong. It allows us to correct ourselves and to be corrected. God has accepted both with the hope that, with His guidance, they will grow to be like Him. God does not condemn the weak because He knows what they lack. He does not condemn the strong because He knows what drives them. All humans are to come to be like Him. Some need more time than others and everyone needs love and respect. Since God tells us that He accepts the weak and the strong—shouldn’t we? 

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