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What You Think

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It seems common knowledge that our attitudes have everything to do with how we feel about almost everything. Our company can be good or bad. Our house can be wonderful or woefully lacking. Our friends can be strong or weak. We can have a happy or miserable marriage. Our work place can be tops or a poor outfit, a meal can be flat or tasty. What we think does have a lot to do with how we see things.

Sometimes we have this reversed, assuming that the conditions affect our thinking. There is some merit in that, but most of the time, our attitudes toward something is what makes that item seem good or bad. First impressions are often the guide for how we treat others. It is up to us a good deal of the time to be sure we do not allow a negative or sour attitude to form our opinions. Happiness depends on us as individuals developing a positive attitude. We are to learn to think well of others (Romans 12:10 Romans 12:10Be kindly affectionate one to another with brotherly love; in honor preferring one another;
American King James Version×

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