Worry Warts

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Worry Warts

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We have things that cause us to worry and we can get into the habit of worrying, thus becoming a worry wart to others as well. In many cases, what we worry about does not happen and we have been a burden to ourselves and to others. Worry is the deep concern and fear that affects our daily thoughts and actions.

When Jesus walked the earth, He saw the effect of people worrying. He also saw that those whose main goals in life were physical things tended to be the greatest worriers. He said the gentiles worried about getting things, but our heavenly Father knows what we need. Our most important task is to seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness as a way of life. Then, Jesus said, the things we need will be added by God (Matthew 6:31-34). Not being a worry wart does not mean not caring; it means caring appropriately. Learning the balance makes life enjoyable.