Thoughts on Netanyahu's Speech Today

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Thoughts on Netanyahu's Speech Today

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A few thoughts about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech before a joint session of Congress today.

The Prime Minister gave what may go down to be considered a "Churchillian" speech that warned the world, not just America, of the danger posed by a nuclear-armed Iranian regime. It comes at a time when America and other nations seem willing to lift sanctions against Iran and give them time to continue developing a nuclear weapons capability. We are living in dangerous times, and this speech took the full measure of the moment.

Netanyahu clearly said that a nuclear Iran is unacceptable to Israel. He also was clear that sanctions against the nation should not be lifted. Israel, he said, will not be passive. They will defend themselves. The Jewish people are capable of defending themselves, even if they must stand alone.

Iran and ISIS are competing for the crown of militant Islam. Both want to impose a militant regime, first on the region and then on the rest of the world. Their only contest is who will rule this regime. America should not think that Iran is an ally in opposing ISIS. The enemy of your enemy is your enemy!

He went on to say the greatest danger facing our world is the marriage of militant Islam with nuclear weapons. To win the battle against ISIS and allow Iran nuclear weapons will be to lose the war. That cannot be allowed to happen.

While Israel is a firm ally of America and the relationship is long and strong at the end of the it is not a direct party to the negotiations with Iran. Other larger nations are making decisions that will impact the future of Israel and its neighbors in the Middle East. It is almost like they are pawns in a larger struggle. The outcome of the moves being made are unclear.

Netanyahu made references in his speech that mark the common heritage America and Israel have. Both countries, he said, are founded on the hope of a promised land offering the hope of freedom for its people. He mentioned a Robert Frost poem and standing at the fork of two rods as he described the momentous time before us. At the end of the speech he motioned to the depiction of Moses on the wall of the House chamber and quoted the prophet, saying, "Be strong and resolute, neither fear nor dread them".

This common heritage is far deeper than the Prime Minister and his audience understands. The destiny of the two nations is linked by roots that go deep into the story of mankind. The God of Abraham is guiding both nations.

It was a speech that laid out a clear warning of what Iran is capable of doing if it gets a nuclear weapon. Currently Iran is achieving its aims on at least five fronts in the Middle East. If it is unshackled and freed to pursue a nuclear weapon it will create an imbalance of power in the region that will rework the boundaries for everyone.

My reference to Winston Churchill at the top compares today's speech to those warnings given by Churchill during the late 1930s when Nazi Germany was rearming and threatening the peace of Europe. There is a difference. Churchill gave those speeches in Parliament, and the Prime Minister of England was present and listened. Today, President Obama was not in the House chamber. Reports said he was busy doing other work and did not hear the speech. Too bad. He missed a significant warning. Let's hope others were listening.

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    Mr Churchil was ignore and considered a nuisance in the 1930s for his persistent warnings regarding the re-armament and ambitions of Nazi Germany. War came and he was still sidelined it wasn't until one of our allies was attacked that we found ourselves immersed in a war that was to become worldwide that Mr Churchil was listened to. I fear the same thing is happening today.
  • suewilliams
    If I remember my history correctly.. Churchill was pleading with the USA to get involved before it was too late.. and Roosevelt (the USA) was busy playing isolationist games.. It took a Pearl Harbor to get us involved. Funny how history repeats itself..
  • dick nellis
    Zechariah 14:1-21 the day of the Lord is the Millennium between the resurrections of John 5:28-29 / Rev 20:1-9. It is time to get ready to meet the Lord face to face.
  • Romans2verse4
    The Prime Minister's speech was, I believe a historical moment in many ways. In standing in the gap for the life of his people, an Esther moment. Towards the end of the speech was most impacting to me when he said "I can only urge the leaders of the world not to repeat the mistakes of the past not to sacrifice the future for the present. These mandates he mentioned are of course the mandate, the warnings throughout the bible. However, humankind has not heeded them in any one nation and we can see that as we repeat the mistakes of the past, such as sacrificing the future for the present just in the way of abortion, which is also likened to repeating the mistakes of the past, which we are warned of in the bible, i.e., sacrifice of children and many other lawless deeds, we as mankind are suffering and will be judged. He also stated "the days when the Jewish people remain passive in the face of genocidal enemies, those days are over" Since the holocaust there have been over 2 million abortions in Israel, this surpasses the 1.5 million deaths of the holocaust, the US is over 50,000,000 million sine 1973 is this not genocide? Worldwide there have been 1.3 billion abortions since 1980. My biggest concern regarding this very impactful and needed speech, which I am thankful he gave as a warning to the nations is that he his statement "for the first time in 100 generations we the Jewish people can defend ourselves". Wait, Who is our/their defender? Is it not Yahweh!. In Esther's time they fasted and prayed for Yahweh to intervene in the noise and tumult of that day, that is the meaning of the name Haman, noise tumult. Just a few verses to consider regarding our need for Yahweh to be exhalted at this time Jeremiah 25, Psalm 2, Psalm 65, Psalm 46 2Chronicles 7:14. I pray this speech is a wake up to many of Yahweh's people who are sleeping. And that we would hear and see what Yahweh wants us to.
  • John Vick
    This is a good summation hitting the highlights of the speech. Listening to it today felt like a 9/11 moment that I'll remember for a lifetime. Was the Frost quote pertaining to the road less traveled? I think that's what I remember hearing. Then he (Benjamin) used the analogy of two roads, one leading to a paved way for Iran to obtain a nuclear arsenal, and the other a road blocked or having barriers to achieving this. Then he used the metaphor of a man (Israel) standing alone if necessary against aggression. If the US and the UK were to stand together with Israel, an alliance of Biblical proportions would be realized. Yet would this lead to the prophesy of the three falling together in one month?
  • Sharon Ferguson
    Don't be so sure that Netanayahu does not understand! The Churches of God need to get more passionate about what is happening before our very eyes. No predictions on when the end will come, but at least teach the signs and acknowledge when they happen. Netanayahu is being used by God at this very moment. Have some passion and zest, Church! Teach your people and reach out to the world.
  • jcnewell49
    I agree with what you say about this speech. I, also, took it as a warning that should be listen to and not ignored. The geopolitics of this present age is changing and the winds of change are being felt.
  • fair64
    I'm listening. As you said, God is directing both Israel and America. It seems to me that this is the start of the end of the Olivett prophecy. Jesus said himself that no flesh would be saved alive except the days were shortened. The king of the south is rising. The king of the north is rising. Soon, the abomination of desolation will be set up in the holy place… Jerusalem itself. God's kingdom is coming! Jesus is coming shortly!
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