Tragedy in Joplin, Missouri

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Tragedy in Joplin, Missouri

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By now we have seen the horrendous damage done by Sunday’s massive tornado that swept through Joplin, Missouri, killing more than 100 people. As the residents of this southwest Missouri town deal with the damage and loss our hearts go out to them. Tornados are not unusual to this region. But the size and ferocity of this one is unusual, even to an area which is part of the notorius “tornado alley”.

This spring has seen severe storms in the south and massive flooding along the Mississippi River. It is hard to say whether this period is the “worst ever”, since accurate record keeping of weather patterns is still relatively recent. What we do know is with instant communication and the internet we are aware of the intimate tragedy of these events. We watch it as it happens and see the anquish of victims as they discover the loss of property and loved ones. I am not sure we should be as “informed” as we are sometimes but that is what goes with social media and modern communication.

We do pray for the victims and wish them all manner of support as they dig out and rebuild their lives. America is at its best at such times. People come together and help. We thank God for that.