Truth is simpler, comforting and easier to explain.

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Truth is simpler, comforting and easier to explain.

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Faith in the Ukraine

Ukraine's "Orange Revolution" had more than politics as a motivator. Religion is alive and growing in the country since the fall of Communism and this report in Opinion Journal shows those who gathered in the public squares were people of faith.

The scene at Kiev's Independence Square was part political rally, part rock concert and part fireworks display. But it was also a religious experience. Each day's protest opened with prayer. On weekends, religious leaders held liturgies and prayer services for Orthodox Christians (whose adherents represent more than 60% of the population), Eastern Rite Catholics (10%), Protestants, evangelicals, Jews and Muslims. (Some 25% of Ukrainians say they are nonreligious.)

Ukraine's future is still to be determined. Some feel the country may yet split with the eastern portion aligning with Moscow and the western section seeking membership in the European Union. A religious Ukraine would be an interesting addition to the secular minded EU. Could it spark a revival leading to a rediscovery of faith?

Listening this am to Imus he has on the "God Squad", the rabbi and the priest. Both are good men trying to make reasoned sense in a world of spiritual confusion. When asked if he believes that it is only belief in Jesus that allows one to enter heaven the priest said no. His personal creed embraces other traditions, validating them in his mind and making others feel ok. It ignores the professions and teachings of his own RCC, but no matter, it is the way of today's tolerance. Modern minds applaud such statements and we move on.

How much better is the truth that shows how God will bring the message of salvation to all and give every human who has drawn breath the opportunity for eternal life in His family. The truth is simpler, comforting and easier to explain. It cuts across culture and traditon and answers the yearnings of every civilization.