Twinkies, Minions and Halloween

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Twinkies, Minions and Halloween

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If I were a Minion, I would think I got the short end of the stick.

A quick trip to the grocery store a couple of days ago found me checking out behind a gentleman who had bought every package of Twinkies on the grocery shelf. The boxes of soft yellow sponge cakes filled his grocery cart. I couldn’t resist making a comment. “Are you afraid they might stop making Twinkies again?”

He laughed and said that wasn’t the reason. He said, “We’re having a Halloween party and and these cakes will be dressed up like the Minions in Despicable Me. The Minions look like Twinkies.”

I just nodded and said nothing more since I had no idea what a Minion was. Later when I did an Internet search on Minions I learned they were a bunch of cute looking little creatures who assist the supervillain known as Gru, hence the name Minions. I made a mental note to sit down with my grandkids and watch the movie sometime.

But I have been thinking: I think the Minions should sue for defamation. To be associated with Twinkies and Halloween is not a winner. The best I can remember (because it’s been decades since I ate one) Twinkies taste really good—sweet, soft and sugary. But they are pretty deficient on the nutritional scale. If I were Minion I would prefer a different confection.

And Halloween? Well, you know how we feel about Halloween here at Beyond Today Media. The popularity of an ancient festival that celebrates death, demons and evil reveals the shallow sense of spirituality in today’s world. If I were a Minion I would not be happy with this association.

But I am not a Minion, and I think they got the short end of stick on this deal.