Wall Street Blew It-What We Can Learn

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Wall Street Blew It-What We Can Learn

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Henry Bodget writes in the December Atlantic that it is no use to blame banks, Wall Street executives or Senators or anyone else for the current crash. He says it is all part of the normal cycle of capitalism. He is partially right. I think there are those who should be held accountable for any number of missteps. But in the end we are the ones responsible for our own decisions regarding money. Blodget concludes with pretty good advice for the individual and the bigger businesses. He says that we who have learned firsthand from this bust “can take pains to make sure that we never make similar mistakes again”. He lists four things– 1. Save more 2. Spend less 3. Diversify our investments 4. Avoid buying things we can’t afford Now if we can only just do it!