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We are very pleased to report that Beyond Today television now has a dedicated Roku channel.

Appearing in the “Religion and Spirituality” category, Roku users can now watch Beyond Today any time of the day or night, and on demand and in hi-definition. In addition to our full 30-minute program, BT Dailies are also available. A new 3-minute video is posted every weekday. These include discussion of breaking news items, plus commentary on Christian-living topics and the moral issues of our day.

What does this mean?

Roku boxes are the industry leader in set-top streaming boxes. Roku delivers programming such as Netflix or Amazon Video directly to your television. With Beyond Today now on Roku, users will be able to add the channel to their device and watch our programs online, anytime!

Adaptive Streaming

We are using adaptive streaming to provide views of Beyond Today with a seamless watching experience, regardless of their Internet connection speed.

Adaptive streaming will check the speed of your connection and adjust the video quality on-the-fly, so there is no waiting or buffering. Most religious channels on Roku do not use this, so people with slower connections will have to wait for buffering or not watch at all.

What can I do to help?

If you have a Roku unit, add Beyond Today to your channel listing now. Please rate the channel, as this will help other viewers find the channel on the directory. Higher rated channels will show up higher on the directory, so please help today!

Also, please pray that this additional electronic outlet for Beyond Today and the good news of God’s Kingdom will bear fruit and further the work of the Gospel.