What's in Your Future?

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What's in Your Future?

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What is in your future?

Beyond today, that is. Beyond America's catastrophic financial and debt crisis. Beyond her dying status as a superpower. Beyond collapsing family values and economic disasters around the world. Beyond political instability and rising international tensions—to say nothing of volcanic eruptions and frequent, devastating earthquakes.

What will happen to you and your family? Why were you born to live here and now? How can you know the real purpose for your life?

From the pages of your Bible, God reveals the vital answers about your future—and the future of the world.

Jesus Christ forecasted today's world news even as He described your ultimate purpose for life in the Kingdom of God. The details are amazing!

More people own the Bible than any other book in world history. Tragically, most rarely read it and understand it even less. Yet the Bible holds the solutions to all of man's problems and provides the keys to unlock the mystery of why you and I exist on this earth.

Bold statements

Those are bold statements and vital questions!

That introduction is from a postcard inviting people to a public Bible lecture series currently underway in central Ohio. The lectures are sponsored by The Good News magazine and our local congregations of the United Church of God.

As a writer, pastor and lecturer I personally want all the men, women and children in the whole world to know what God has in store for their future. But most pressingly, I want you to know it!

To know what?

I want you to know that our world is in dire straits. I want you to get your head out of the sand (if that's where it is) and feel the fear and gloom about the world's future—our future!

If you're an American, you should have grave concerns about the nation's economic condition—and probably even more worries about the economic future in 2011. If you're a citizen of another country, then consider your country's economic trouble.

Worse yet, realize that with so many nations in such a pathetic, greed-induced economic morass, the world is teetering on the brink of an age of dictators. Dictators make war to further feed their demonic egos.

Witness how the Great Depression of the 1930s spawned and fostered dictators in Germany, Italy and Japan who gifted society with World War II from 1939 to 1945. Many tried to keep their heads buried in the sand then too—but that cataclysmic economic crisis led to devastating war.

Yet no war has been so devastating as the one to come. Bible prophecy warns about that frightening future. Read "Four Biblical Keys to Understanding World Events" to power up your perception of today's news.

Enough already with bad news!

What's the good news? What does God want to open your mind to understand?

You need to know that God made you and all humans in His image—to be like Him.

You need to know what Adam and Eve faced in the Garden of Eden (which did exist) and how that affects you and all mankind.

You need to understand the significance of the two trees that God planted in that garden. The tree of life symbolized a human life lived well on the way to eternal life in the Kingdom of God. God wanted the first humans to pick and eat its fruit—to live His way of life that leads to life.

But God told them not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Of course, with a little satanic persuasion (see Revelation 12:9 and 2 Corinthians 11:3) they ate that tree's fruit—and voila, we got the kind of world we live in today.

Adam and Eve got booted out of the garden and man's been cut off from God ever since.

It's a wonderful world…

But there's more to the story. The world of tomorrow will truly be wonderful!

Although America and her cousin nations are destined to collapse—and worse—in the near-term age of the ultimate dictatorship described in Bible prophecy, things will change soon after.

Nearly 2,000 years ago Jesus Christ predicted all the troubles we're experiencing right now. But much more important, the true Messiah will return to our miserable world—and change it dramatically for the better!

The deserts will blossom like a rose, the surviving nations will pound their weapons into farm equipment and finally cast war into the dustbin of history!

You're going to love that age to come! And better yet, you're going to love the Savior who brings it.

You have a future so phenomenally fantastic that it defies a suitable accolade! I wish you could come to our public Bible lecture series to learn more about what's in your future. But until you can, read, read and read your Bible—and let us help you understand. Our free booklet You Can Understand Bible Prophecy is a great place to start.