When Evil Walks In - Again

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When Evil Walks In - Again

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The time is past to admit an honest public discussion on the truth that evil in the modern world is caused by a malignant spiritual power called Satan who the Bible calls the "god of this world". Any realistic discussion about the horrific school shooting in Newport, Connecticut last Friday must include the spiritual dimension provided the Bible. When evil walks this earth it is sent from the dark realm of Satan the devil, the father of lies and the creator of murder. 

We devoted a Beyond Today program to this topic last summer in the wake of the murderous rampage in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater. "When Evil Walks In" is a discussion between the three hosts covering Biblical scriptures showing how this world really does work behind the headline of the day. You need the perspective provided by this program to balance the calls for gun control, treatment for the mentally impaired and restraint on our violent culture. I am not saying all these areas are exempt from serious reform, indeed they should be reviewed. But until we understand from a credible source how evil originates and impacts human nature no other societal reform will remove this curse from the earth. Here's an excerpt from the program:

"People think well God is ruling over the earth right now but in reality, the god of this age, of this time... The spiritual influences on the, on humanity which are so much of evil, is not of God, from God but from Satan! And the idea that Satan exists has been removed even from a lot of mainstream Christianity. The result is we don't realize that God is allowing the god of this age - who is not the true God but Satan - to actually influence what's going on. And they become through this, as Paul says in Ephesians, children of wrath".

View the program, "When Evil Walks In".