Where Do I Begin?

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Where Do I Begin?

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Verbal communication can be one of the most fascinating and frustrating things about being human.

How many times have you had a conversation with someone, only to discover the person you were speaking with heard something completely different? This is often the case between parents and children. As parents we expect to be heard and understood, but children often have difficulty with placing the same emphasis or definition on a word or phrase.

Have you ever told a child to clean their room, only to discover they have a very different definition of the word "clean"?  It is easy to become frustrated. Maybe you thought they were not trying, or were doing the least amount of work possible.

In reality a child's brain is not as capable, when it comes to creating a plan that will help them progress from a disorderly room to that of a clean room. They can become overwhelmed by the task. Instructing them to begin by picking up all of the blocks, then all of the stuffed animals, and helping them to move from one type of toy to another, will help. This not only teaches them how to break a task down and not become overwhelmed by it, but it also teaches them what it means to actually "clean up" the room. It puts definition into the conversation and makes communication a lot easier for everyone involved.

What about you? Do you become overwhelmed at times? Do you find the admonition to "clean up" your life, almost too much to consider at times? Where do you begin? How do make all of the needed changes? What does God expect from you?

As a loving parent, God has broken it down into easy to follow instructions.  These instructions will help you develop a plan for cleaning up your life and living a happier, healthier, more spiritual lifestyle.

Beginning with the Ten Commandments, God has broken it all down into simple steps. They teach us how to love God and how to love our fellow man. They teach us what to do and what not to do.

He also gives us His Holy Days, teaching us His plan for all mankind. Beginning with the forgiveness of our sins and ending with a wonderful and joyous time when His Kingdom will come to this earth and eventually He will dwell with mankind.

Our loving Father builds on these instructions throughout the Bible, providing us with examples and lessons to help us along the way. Through daily Bible study, you can begin to understand how He communicates His will to us and the plan that He has for you and your life.

Are you still confused about where to begin? The United Church of God offers free Bible Study Guides that will walk you through many of the topics that can lead to a better understanding of the Bible.

Begin your journey into real communication with God and begin to see real changes in your own life.