World News and Prophecy Seminar-Fairview Heights, IL

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World News and Prophecy Seminar-Fairview Heights, IL

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Last weekend WNP senior writer Robin Webber and I were in Fairview Heights, Illinois for another World News and Prophecy seminar. We were able to meet with many readers and interested people, several who attended a meeting with us for the first time.

Robin covered two topics, A Heart for Prophecy and Four Little Words With Great Meaning. Robin brought his passion for connecting people with the Biblical issues of the heart. His description of the story in Daniel 5 of the handwriting on the wall was especially powerful.

I introduced the day with an overview of prophecy from Peter’s thoughts in 2 Peter. Peter shows us prophecy is of no private interpretation. He mentions that the Day of the Lord will come quickly, like a “thief in the night”. The objective of this is that we will become better people–displaying godly conduct. Prophecy is not about secret knowledge that puffs one up with self-importance. It is not all about fantastic images of beasts and horsemen and false prophets. God uses prophecy to motivate people to change and to grow in love toward Him and toward other humans.

Upcoming WNP seminars take us to Charlotte and to Vancouver and Penticton, B.C. in March and April. We hope to see many of you at these presentations.