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John Gordon's picture John Gordon said:
Concluding paragraph encourages us to: "...learn from the midwives. Let's fear ...honor ...follow God. And let's sigh with relief at the freeing thought of fearing only God...
4 days 10 hours ago in To Fear God

Lori J. Gross-Andrews's picture Lori J. Gross-A... said:
New here. Have no idea how to navigate the site or what it has to offer. I have been a Christian for a little over a year. I spend a large part on my day reading the Bible....
6 days 4 hours ago in Daily Solution

Larry Kotur's picture Larry Kotur said:
Mr. Myers,
You are correct. The Rubicon has been crossed. God has revealed the end from the beginning. To get to that end, Christ’s return and His establishment of God’s...
6 days 7 hours ago in Crossing the Rubicon

Denise M Ramos's picture Denise M Ramos said:
I have been a baptized Christian for about 43 years. God is leading me on the awareness journey, I was blind and starting to see the significance in God’s holy days I was never...
1 week 16 hours ago in Easter, Idols and God

Keisha Thomas-Bogle said:
Good day,
As per the Genesis account, the way the day starts is at sunset and end at sunset. Christ was crucified at around 3pm (the 9th hr as per how the Romans started the...
1 week 3 days ago in Easter: The Rest of the Story

Scott W Henley said:
John, I hear what you are saying. It seems that your congregation, along with many others out there, are failing in Gods Mission and His Work to care for and spread the Gospel...
1 week 4 days ago in Dissatisfied with Church

Derrick N. Smith said:
Thank you! That was awesome!
1 week 4 days ago in Folly

Larry Kotur's picture Larry Kotur said:
Mr. Myers, I am amazed that God looks after us and supplies us with what we need when we need it. Your short message was exactly what I needed to hear today at this time. Amazed...
1 week 5 days ago in Folly

Kathy Shafer's picture Kathy Shafer said:
You are correct Mr. Petty. When Jesus Christ fulfilled the animal sacrifices of the Temple he also replaced Aaron and his sons as High Priest. Jesus rose from the died after 3...
2 weeks 1 day ago in The Jewish Temple and Bible Prophecy

Larry Kotur's picture Larry Kotur said:
Mr. McNeely,
Great bible study.
Really liked the KFC and the goat.
My takeaway, on any Feast Day, it is God’s Feast, involve other people and enjoy the food. except on the Day...
3 weeks 5 hours ago in Let Us Go Up To the Mountain of the Lord: Preparing Our Hearts For God's Festivals

Dick Scholz's picture Dick Scholz said:
Wonderfully inspiring analogy between Israel’s enemies and our spiritual enemies. BT Daily was a “go t” wellspring of encouragement while I was hospitalized with COVID19 for six...
3 weeks 1 day ago in Philistines

Brian Unger said:
It is so wrong and sad that there are those who are trying to create their own righteousness. God's blessings aren't appreciated, considered or even acknowledged. There are dark...
3 weeks 3 days ago in God's Concern

Lena VanAusdle's picture Lena VanAusdle said:
Hi Larry,
I think Mr. Miller did an excellent job in explaining, but I thought I might add just a little. When we say, "Jesus is God of the OT" we mean, Jesus (the Word) is the...
3 weeks 4 days ago in Who Is Jesus?

Sherman E Farves's picture Sherman E Farves said:
I'm afraid this nation will pay for approving or allowing misguided human sexuality against our Creator.
3 weeks 4 days ago in God's Concern

Sherman E Farves's picture Sherman E Farves said:
We are seeing prophecy before our very eyes. This country has major sins notably Abortion, Homosexuality, Racism, Greed/Power. We need God's Kingdom, we all need to pray...
3 weeks 4 days ago in God's Concern