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Robert Berendt's picture Robert Berendt said:
Thank you for the true response Michelle. There is far too much hurt and pain young children and people suffer that they carry all their lives. However, it will take the will to...
3 days 6 hours ago in Drop the Load

Michelle B Peavy's picture Michelle B Peavy said:
How can we love others if due to the abusiveness of a parent, we have learned only self hatred and worthlessness
5 days 21 hours ago in Drop the Load

m_lanza_ml said:
Great article!!!!!! It is true. The best way to prepare for what lies ahead is our spiritual well being and relationship to Christ.
1 week 1 day ago in The Curse of Inflation: A Biblical View

Bruce Hansen's picture Bruce Hansen said:
Thank you, Lewis, for a very timely and important message!
I retired from teaching eight years ago, but continue to work quite regularly as a substitute teacher, and have...
1 week 3 days ago in What Are They Teaching Your Children?

Larry Kotur's picture Larry Kotur said:
Reading this in June, 2022, the downward spiral is speeding up. There is no man devised solution to this problem. No wonder we are told to come out of her My people. The world...
1 week 5 days ago in Jesus’ Sacrifice and the Need for New Government

Prashant Joshua's picture Prashant Joshua said:
This article was very nice and informative. Thank you Sir Melvin Rhodes.
4 weeks 21 hours ago in 70 Years of Elizabeth II, The Servant Queen

Lisa K's picture Lisa K said:
Thank you for unreservedly sharing these realities that are often missed because of restricted media consumption. We need to be prepared to defend and reject, based on biblical...
1 month 6 days ago in Growing State Tyranny: Foretaste of the End Time?

Aaron Booth's picture Aaron Booth said:
At this time, we do not plan to offer the online Bible discussions again.
1 month 6 days ago in Online Bible Discussions

Kimberly Glass's picture Kimberly Glass said:
Will this be done again this year? I got excited til I scrolled down & saw the dates were for last year.
1 month 1 week ago in Online Bible Discussions

Ricky Rust's picture Ricky Rust said:
Hello my name is Ricky Rust.. I am attending the Fort Myers Congregation currently..I had a very strong interest in the parable of the talents..How would I know if I buried the...
1 month 1 week ago in Online Bible Discussions

Mavis L Miller said:
Excellent summation of events for the past two years. We must all watch.
1 month 1 week ago in Growing State Tyranny: Foretaste of the End Time?

Howard Buchanan's picture Howard Buchanan said:
Thanks so much Janet . You always have so much to give and bring tears to my eyes.
It is always good to go back over our lives and see the many times God has worked in...
1 month 2 weeks ago in Are you Overwhelmed With the Coronavirus? God is There!

Karen E. Ziminski said:
Facebook is definitely shadow banning I posted a link to the Inside United podcast 241 about the work lifenets is doing in Ukraine, explaining how Mr. Kubik's parents...
1 month 3 weeks ago in A Coming “Famine of the Word”

Dianne's picture Dianne said:
thank you Mr. Myers for an enlightening message that I was able to understand easily. You are a wonderful teacher!
1 month 3 weeks ago in Great Conspiracy

Calvin Mills's picture Calvin Mills said:
Unfortunately things are going to escalate very rapidly, there is going to be a serious food famine even in the United States possibly within a year. Lot of things happening at...
1 month 3 weeks ago in Growing State Tyranny: Foretaste of the End Time?