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Breidenthal's picture Breidenthal said:
A beautiful summary of God's Holy Day blueprint. Our family is currently celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles 2021 in France at beautiful Lake Annecy which helps magnify the...
5 days 17 hours ago in Do You Know About the Holy Days Jesus Kept?

Kathy Sanny's picture Kathy Sanny said:
Thank you for this article. Excellent picture of what is going on in our world behind the scenes. Those in our government see themselves as on board with a morally superior...
3 weeks 4 days ago in The Great Reset: Where Will It Lead?

Suzanne Miller's picture Suzanne Miller said:
Hello Dear Tammy,
Thank you for your comment. We have had some problems in going the last two year because of a fish disease up there. I feel like something is missing when not...
3 weeks 5 days ago in The Restorative Powers of Camping

Gerry Ellis's picture Gerry Ellis said:
You have to be blunt to get the message across, the Truth hearts, in fact, it can be very painful.
3 weeks 6 days ago in Jesus and Today’s Cultural Christianity

Dorene L Eckman's picture Dorene L Eckman said:
Well said!! Outstanding. Thank you!
1 month 9 hours ago in The Great Reset: Where Will It Lead?

Tammy Goularte's picture Tammy Goularte said:
Suzanne ,
Exactly right thank you so much for sharing ... and reminding us to leave it in our Fathers hands .... and just go fishing ! Loved the thought of our Father looking...
1 month 18 hours ago in The Restorative Powers of Camping

Calvin Mills's picture Calvin Mills said:
In my personal opinion I believe it’s a lot worse than this already with certain things being done to regulate the population. I hope I’m wrong.
1 month 1 day ago in The Great Reset: Where Will It Lead?

David W. Nelson's picture David W. Nelson said:
I thank you so much for this inspiring message! I really needed it at this time in my life!
1 month 2 weeks ago in A Wide Place to Rest

Peter Eddington's picture Peter Eddington said:
Hello Doris,

Thank you for contacting us above our TV program, “Is Satan Real?” In particular, you mentioned the request in the Lord’s Prayer “lead us not into temptation” and...
1 month 2 weeks ago in Is Satan Real?

Sarah Grace's picture Sarah Grace said:
My kids are watching the Netflix series “Lucifer”. They’re asking lots of questions about God, why Jesus isn’t in it and the big one - is Satan real.

Well my word I am...
1 month 3 weeks ago in Is Satan Real?

Doris Penney's picture Doris Penney said:
Your comment Pray.. 'lead us not into temptation' Could you clarify this for me? God doesn't tempt us right? So is this a mistranslation or something else? Thanks

1 month 4 weeks ago in Is Satan Real?

Breidenthal's picture Breidenthal said:
Thank you for the timely message. I remember the 70s when inflation really hit the USA. It looks like we are in a pause before the storm hits. Right now in California,...
2 months 2 weeks ago in America’s Economic Transformation: Will It Wreck the U.S. Economy?

Kathy Sanny's picture Kathy Sanny said:
Please explain how Israel "has blood on their hands"? They have not made any pre-emptive strikes that I have seen. In a world of rising anti-Semitism this seems like an...
2 months 3 weeks ago in Lessons from the Middle East: Part 4

Lena VanAusdle's picture Lena VanAusdle said:
Hi Melinda,
that's a tough spot to be in. I typically avoid events and parties on the Sabbath, but I understand how challenging it can be to explain to friends and family when...
2 months 3 weeks ago in The Sabbath: What It Means to Me