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Lena VanAusdle said:
wow! I'm so sorry that you have suffered so much, but I'm glad that you have found peace in your life. Death need not be feared, as our physical lives are only...
18 hours 30 min ago in Sorrow and the Past

John Gordon said:
Why remember salvation? “He hath made his wonderful works to be remembered: the LORD is gracious and full of compassion.” Psalm 111:4
For example, comment was made saying: ".....
19 hours 54 min ago in Remembering Salvation on the Sabbath Day

Robert H Berendt said:
It is true that some suffer terribly - I think of the book of Job and shudder at his experience. It is a world in which God has given some control to Satan and that part is evil....
1 day 5 hours ago in Sorrow and the Past

Skip Miller said:
Hello cyanorch2,
What a horrible story! Since you have pretty much turned your back on your physical family
perhaps it is time to trust God, maybe even more completely than you...
1 day 11 hours ago in Sorrow and the Past

Joshua Creech said:
Mr. and Mrs. Weed,
In Leviticus 23:7-8 we are instructed to have a holy convocation on the first and seventh day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. For the wave sheaf, the phrase...
1 day 16 hours ago in Let Us Keep the Feasts: First Fruits

cyanorch2 said:
we must also remember that this world is not our home. This world is evil even though in America we don't think we have persecution that we go through. My mom had sex with me when...
3 days 3 hours ago in Sorrow and the Past

Debbie Werner said:
Hi Heidi! I'm glad the article helped you and you are so, so right about God bringing us only the good. (And thanks for the encouragement found in your wise comment.)
3 days 8 hours ago in Life Is a Trust Fall

Teitgen said:
My Grandmother killed herself in 1983 and it affected my family. She was more concerned about her pain and trying to stop it rather than thinking about other people and trying to...
3 days 15 hours ago in Suicide: Is There Hope? 

Heidi Braun said:
This article was very encouraging to read as I am going through so many experiences lately in which I have to place the outcome in God's capable hands. He has never failed to...
3 days 21 hours ago in Life Is a Trust Fall

Janet Treadway said:
Thank you so much Suzanne.
5 days 16 hours ago in The Power of Your Tongue: Do You Encourage Life or Death?

Lorelei Nettles said:
Thanks, Suzanne!
5 days 17 hours ago in Hoping for a Cure

Suzanne S Duckert said:
Very well explained Mr. Berendt - thanks.
5 days 17 hours ago in Confidence Versus Conceit

annie.ross said:
what a beautiful article. i so appreciate your description of how 'Higher Power' and 'God of your own understanding' need not be feared as disrespect in our Lord. I belong to 12...
5 days 18 hours ago in How to Help An Alcoholic: Part 3 of 3

Suzanne S Duckert said:
Another very thought provoking and encouraging article. Thanks Janet!
5 days 18 hours ago in The Power of Your Tongue: Do You Encourage Life or Death?

Steven Britt said:
Hi Alexia,
It's great that you are feeling convicted about following God and seeing through the deception that is in the world today! I encourage you to continue searching for...
5 days 18 hours ago in Who Are the Two Witnesses?