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Reverend Jim said:
There's a man on youtube - last name Barnett, - Dr. Barnett I believe, who teaches that the earth is the center of the universe and when the elements burn with fervent heat God is...
4 days 18 sec ago in A God-Centered Universe

annie.ross's picture annie.ross said:
so true.
brings such judgement, sometimes so blindly.
what's more important? the stuff? or the stuff I'm made of :)
love your articles - such great reminders.

4 days 12 hours ago in Having Too Much

Haley Henderson's picture Haley Henderson said:
The 144,000 are elect of those living now who are Holy Devoted to live for God. These elect will live through the great tribulation and preach to those lost. The 144,000 never see...
4 days 16 hours ago in Who are the 144,000 of Revelation?

bambrose said:
Thank you Darris for putting this informative programme together, I have enjoyed it and now have more knowledge and insight into this subject, and like most caring and loving...
6 days 17 hours ago in Beyond Today Interview: End of Life Planning - Part 2

annie.ross's picture annie.ross said:
yes. love does overcome bitterness. and it’s a daily job.
thank you for your article and sharing your wisdom.
1 week 13 hours ago in Robbed of Bitterness

John Gordon's picture John Gordon said:
One comment said "...We learn great lessons when we suffer. Patience, determination, consideration and developing a feeling toward others who also suffer are some of the benefits...
1 week 6 days ago in Thank God for Pain

Gary Petty's picture Gary Petty said:
Nancy, Skip Miller gave a good explanation of your concerns. If you look up the Hebrew word that is translated hell in the Old Testament it simply means a pit in the ground.
2 weeks 1 day ago in The Message of the Antichrist

Anne's picture Anne said:
Thank you very much! Very important points. Short and deep spiritual food! Thanks!
2 weeks 1 day ago in Life Lessons: Pride and Humility

Skip Miller's picture Skip Miller said:
Hello Nancy, Let's see if we can elucidate the correct sequence of events. We know that several different "hells" exist and the first one is the grave (Greek: 'hades'). Everyone...
2 weeks 1 day ago in The Message of the Antichrist

Kathy Shafer's picture Kathy Shafer said:
lol Mr. Light,
Good response. I like sticking to the seed concept because a seed has not a skeletal structure, brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, pituitary gland; etc. Like...
2 weeks 1 day ago in Darwinism Unraveling

Anne's picture Anne said:
Wonderful spirit food!!
Thank you very much! Take care...
2 weeks 2 days ago in Accepting the Unacceptable

Ben Light's picture Ben Light said:
Greetings, and thanks for reaching out. When you consider the argument of a common ancestor which we share with primates, and thereby a great deal of similarity between our...
2 weeks 3 days ago in Darwinism Unraveling

Nancy's picture Nancy said:
Charles, i actually think there is a Hell now. At the great white throne judgment, Hell is cast into the Lake of Fire. I always thought the wicked were thrown into hell at the...
2 weeks 3 days ago in The Message of the Antichrist

Kathy Shafer's picture Kathy Shafer said:
IN all honesty I am sticking to my reasoning. How could a single seed crawl out of the water as an ameba and produce a tree; be it fruit baring or a tree where squirrels, and...
2 weeks 3 days ago in Darwinism Unraveling

Lori El's picture Lori El said:
CORRECTION. We need to be accurate...
2 weeks 4 days ago in Fasting and Prayer: Tools for Spiritual Growth