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Lorraine's picture Lorraine said:
Looks like Beyond Today is kicking up their game!! Thank you for this powerful message Steve Myers
6 months 3 days ago in Great Conspiracy

John Gordon's picture John Gordon said:
Comment was made saying: "...there is a way to lasting peace and prosperity, but it...only comes from writing the laws of God on our hearts..."
But one must first be drawn/...
6 months 5 days ago in Thoughts on the Book of Lamentations

bartels.doug's picture bartels.doug said:
1) Is it even possible to live "lawlessly," even as a born again "Christian"? IF, perchance, in a moment of stumbling, we meet with our earthly demise, do we stand in jeopardy of...
6 months 2 weeks ago in The Strange Tale of Simon the Magician

bartels.doug's picture bartels.doug said:
The Son of God depicts the utmost of this humility in the garden, as drops of blood pour forth from His flesh as He earnestly requests the cup be taken from Him, yet he says, "not...
6 months 2 weeks ago in Humility: A Key to Conquering Anxiety

Lena VanAusdle's picture Lena VanAusdle said:
Hi Rajvir, the Sabbath is from sunset on Friday evening until sunset on Saturday evening. How people observe it will vary from family to family, but one thing in common is we...
6 months 2 weeks ago in The Irrelevant Commandments

rajvir uppal said:
Hi, I am new. How and when is the sabbath observed?
6 months 3 weeks ago in The Irrelevant Commandments

Kathy Shafer's picture Kathy Shafer said:
Oh boy, okay. Let's start with Matthew 23:1-10. Don't you think they are disobeying our Savior's own commands? Therefore there teachings do not agree with the true Gospel. Who...
7 months 1 week ago in Quitting Christmas

Lena VanAusdle's picture Lena VanAusdle said:
Hi Pat, based on the service of Abijah, it does seem likely that Jesus Christ was conceived in December. What day in December is impossible to know based on the information in the...
7 months 1 week ago in Quitting Christmas

Jaerod Robert's picture Jaerod Robert said:
This website is encouraged me so much I love it
7 months 1 week ago in Called, Chosen and Faithful

Paul Dale's picture Paul Dale said:
God, by natur is grasious, but we can reject and lose out on His grace if we do not enter into a covenant with Him being always thankful for His grace and obedient.

7 months 2 weeks ago in All About Grace

Stephen Bouchette's picture Stephen Bouchette said:
Hi Jim!
I don't believe a discussion between Christians leads to people calling them hypocrites. Rather, when God's law (which is easy to find and clearly summarized in ten (or...
7 months 2 weeks ago in Christmas: Is It Really “Glory to the Newborn King”?

Skip Miller's picture Skip Miller said:
Hello Pat,
You asked when Jesus was conceived and I stated earlier that we do not know exactly, Biblically.
But the short answer to your question is : It could have been on 25...
7 months 2 weeks ago in Quitting Christmas

Michael Payton Stewart's picture Michael Payton ... said:
Your video about the Temple in Jerusalem is very good, God bless you!
7 months 2 weeks ago in The Jewish Temple and Bible Prophecy

Todd Sauve's picture Todd Sauve said:
It is rather stunning to have such a discovery be made and yet have much of the media dismiss it immediately as nothing significant. It has been said to be just a chance encounter...
7 months 2 weeks ago in Believe the Bible—and Its Warnings!

Kelly Irvin's picture Kelly Irvin said:
The knowledge of God's plan for man found in His Holy Days is something we can dwell upon at any time, so God has given us, as you say, hope, as long as our minds are on His will...
7 months 2 weeks ago in A Pagan Beginning