Preaching the Gospel, Preparing a People

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Faith, repentance and baptism are all indispensable elements in a special...

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What do you think about most throughout the day? And how can we focus on the...

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There is a humorous story about a squadron of soldiers who were marching...
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We humans seem to be afraid to love other people.

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jerry biles's picture jerry biles said:
it is always mind-blowing to think about is it not
thank you
1 day 20 hours ago in Brexit From Babylon: The Future of the Democratic Nation-State

David Halfmann's picture David Halfmann said:
Hello Michael, that is an excellent question. The answer to your question is in the same chapter, in which Jesus declares that He and His Father share a Unity and Oneness (John 17...
3 days 1 hour ago in Three Keys to Knowing God