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  • by Robert Berendt
Jesus preached that the way to life was a narrow and difficult, or confined...
  • by Kevin Greer
In a turbulent and troubled world, do we remember who our enemy really is?
  • by Robert Berendt
Sometimes we are uncertain as to what we ought to do.

Recent Comments

twocents said:
Just curious:
Bees are unclean, yet we eat honey - Why is that? (scripture or Bible principle?)
(Examples of Sampson, John the Baptist)
Certain birds are clean - So may we...
8 hours 47 min ago in The Biblical Food Laws: Does God Care What You Eat? 

James W. Robbins said:
Looking forward to your comments on:
"For I will work a work in your days
Which you would not believe, though it were told you."
1 day 1 hour ago in The Minor Prophets: Habakkuk - The Prophet Who Saw History