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All homes have windows. Our windows look out into garden areas where red-throated hummingbirds and bright orange orioles visit seasonally. But if we never looked—if we never stopped to soak in the beautiful sight, would it exist at all?

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?” Is this just idle philosophic speculation, or does it harmonize with the advice to “stop and smell the roses”?

Why has godless evolution become the pervasive, overarching rule in most of the post-modern, incredibly busy, rushing to who-knows-where Western world? Perhaps because we all have a hard time slowing down and appreciating the intricate design of the created world. And we, as God’s children, are at least as challenged to not gloss over the details around us like the rest of humanity does.

Thank God for the Sabbath (Matthew 11:28-29)! But what about our quality of life on a daily basis?

Christ said several things about how society then and now is rushing headlong toward perdition (Luke 12:15). My point is to summarize His solution in this way: If we do not take the time to acknowledge our Father God and our Redeemer Christ daily, by noticing and appreciating a bit of Their creative effort, then when we reach the Sabbath, Satan’s world tends to distract us. Thus, we’re apt to miss much of what God wants to give us (Mark 2:27).

Thank God for daily insights. God places them within our view. See them!

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