Biblical Festivals

God’s Feasts

Our future is bright. The earth will be restored and we will live in peace. There will be no more war, or death, or crying. God is bringing about that future one step at a time, and He’s invited us to take part in that future now. Seven biblical festivals show the steps God is taking in bringing about our great future. Each one points to the work of God through Christ of bringing many children to glory and bringing His eternal Kingdom to earth.

We’d love for you to learn more about these festivals and how you can join us in celebrating God’s awesome plan for your life. We have another page about how we observe these festivals that you can find here .

God given for you.

The Passover is the memorial of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our sins. The original Passover was a reminder of how God spared the firstborn of His people from death in Egypt. As the ultimate fulfillment of what the Passover pictures, the New Covenant Passover reminds us that Jesus’ sacrifice saves Christians from sin’s penalty of eternal death.

God living in you.

The Feast of Unleavened Bread focuses on a Christian’s freedom from sin. During the week of the festival, leavened bread symbolizes sin, which Christians strive to keep out of their lives. Unleavened bread represents the righteousness of Christ in us through the Holy Spirit.

God empowering you.

The Church of God began on Pentecost , and this festival was the day God gave His Spirit to those He called together. Through the Spirit Christians have a pledge or down payment on eternal life and can look forward to the resurrection to eternal life with God.

God triumphant with you.

The Bible describes the Feast of Trumpets as a “memorial of blowing of trumpets.” In ancient Israel, trumpets were used as a way of announcing special, important messages. The Feast of Trumpets looks forward to the most important announcement in history: the return of Jesus to establish the Kingdom of God on earth in its fullness.

God reconciled with you.

The Day of Atonement is a solemn day of fasting and reflection that portrays the human race becoming reconciled with God after millennia of rebellion against Him. This reconciliation involves the putting away of Satan the devil, who leads all of mankind astray.

God dwelling with you.

The Feast of Tabernacles pictures the rule of Jesus Christ on earth with His saints. This will be a time of peace when all people will learn to know, love and obey God. With Satan’s evil influence removed, all of humanity will at last learn God’s ways. It’s also known as the Feast of Ingathering because all nations will come into God’s embrace.

God united with you.

The Eighth Day pictures God’s final judgment of humanity. During this time, everyone who never knew God and His plan for them will be resurrected to life. God will judge every person, and they will have an opportunity to understand and respond to God and receive eternal life.