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How can you reinvigorate your passion for God's way when you find yourself...

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More and more, society is turning away from God, as if to erase Him from...
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A tribute to my Auntie M—a wonderful woman who was full of life and joy.

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Skip Miller said:
Hello Dodie,
We appreciate the humility in the way you asked your question.
Here are two partial answers:
First, Deut 9:2 shows that there were unusually tall people after the...
1 day 4 hours ago in Did angels marry women and reproduce a race of giants?

Brandon Loveland said:
Hello Melanie.
You seem to be confused about some foundational tenets of biological evolution. (E) E does not address whether a god is involved or not. Certainly, many theists...
2 days 3 hours ago in The Flaw in Evolution: Asking the Right Questions So You'll Get the Right Answers