Why Ask Why?

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Why Ask Why?

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For one moment, imagine that God actually answered that question. Would His immediate explanation change anything? The effects of the tragedy would still be with us, and the pain may be just as severe as it was before. Might God hope we would learn?

When we ask God that question, I think we are really asking, “God, do you still love me? Will you take care of me in my sorrow and pain?” and “You won't leave me alone, will you?” We may even momentarily wonder if it is possible that, because we are afraid, God doesn't truly care about us or understand us.

Real faith says, “Lord, I believe. I don't understand, and I will probably never grasp all the reasons some things happen, but I know for certain that you love me.”


It takes more faith to go through something with hope and courage than to be delivered from it. Put your faith in God and you will come out stronger on the other side. Anything worth having has a cost and involves sacrifice.

Real faith says: “Lord, even when circumstances try to fill my mind with doubt, help me to remember your love for me and to rely on the faith I have in you, the faith you have given me.  No matter what happens, I know you teach good things to me and you are always with me.”

Jesus didn’t give His life so that we might always wonder if He was concerned for us until His return. He came to give us life more abundantly!  (John 10:10)

The devil, on the other hand, wants to steal, kill and destroy—that’s his sole purpose. He is a liar, deceiver, destroyer, controller, manipulator, and accuser. He wants to take everything from you and does not want you to enjoy anything. And He is the real source of evil in this world. Satan is a murderer from the beginning and the original source of lies. (John 8:44)

Before really studying God's word, like most people I knew Satan had a few dealings with Jesus and worked to directly affect His life on earth, but I really didn’t understand that Satan was directly affecting my life, too. I believed my problems were just the way life was, and I had to struggle through things day by day, just hoping to make it. I did not see completely the cause of so many tragic events affecting me and those around me. “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12).

I had absolutely no idea that Satan wants all of us dead. Forever! That the toxic thoughts Satan gives us are to break our minds and faith and to keep us from knowing God's true way to live. The psalmists many times asked God “why”, but they genuinely looked to God for the answer—and He supplied it. It is not good just to focus on the “why” only. That is negative. But pray for comfort and understanding and God will give it. 

Believe me, I've done my share of asking “why”. Often it feels like there is never an answer that is completely acceptable, except “it is”. The “whys” in life are almost always the consequences of our own, and sometimes other peoples, poor choices. I have found the better question is, “How can I learn from this circumstance God, so I can avoid it in the future?”

We should not live in a constant state of just “why”, but rather learn and grow from every circumstance in life.There are keys to learning and growing from tragedy. One of them is to realize God’s love for those He has called and seeks to justify is keeping Him in His rightful place—at the top of our priorities. God said to Abraham, “Walk and live habitually before Me and be blameless (wholehearted, complete)” (Genesis 17:1). Notice that God instructed Abraham to be habitual in walking with Him and living for Him. We can do this by establishing daily habits of prayer, worship, and regular, consistent time spent in His Word.

When we ask God why, always ask how He can help on a daily basis, knowing in faith that He alone can and will help.

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