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Bible Study Tools

Bible Study Guides

In-depth study guides

Our free booklets are designed to give you an in-depth study on a particular topic such as the Sabbath, God’s festivals or who Jesus Christ really is.

You can read them online or have a copy sent to your house completely free.

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Bible Study Course

A comprehensive, 12-lesson overview of the Bible

We designed this course to walk you through the basic lessons of the Bible. It will teach you why the Bible is true, how to study more effectively, and will answer some of life’s greatest questions. You will receive one lesson every month until you finish the course.

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Bible Questions and Answers

Simple answers to frequently asked Bible questions

Ever wonder when Jesus was born?
Or how about what the Bible says about getting a tattoo?
Find the answers to these and many other common Bible questions here.

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Video Bible Study Series

Live, topical Bible studies every other Wednesday night

Join the Beyond Today television hosts in a deeper study of the Bible. Tune in live every second Wednesday night or check out our archive of past studies.

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Teen Studies

Bible studies for Christian teens

Bible studies to help you grow as a Christian and to use the Bible to help you face the challenges life throws your way.

For youth leaders, these guides can help you develop your own lesson plans.

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Online Bible Commentary

A chapter-by-chapter Bible commentary in plain English

Get to know God’s Word better by digging deeper into the Bible’s historical and cultural context.

The Bible commentary is currently Old Testament-only, but we’re working hard on the New Testament section.

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