Beyond Today Bible Commentary: Joshua

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Table of Contents

Preparations for the conquest of Canaan

Spies sent to Jericho and hidden by Rahab

Israel crosses the Jordan

Stones to memorialize the crossing

Second generation circumcised and Passover kept at Gilgal

The fall of Jericho

Defeat at Ai because of the sin of Achan

Fall of Ai, law inscribed on stone walls, renewal of the covenant relationship between God and Israel

Treaty with the Gibeonites

The defeat of the Amorites during Joshua's "long day"

Northern conquest of Joshua and the Israelites

The kings defeated by Moses and Joshua

The unconquered land and eastern inheritances

Caleb asks for his inheritance

Judah receives its inheritance, Caleb conquers Hebron

Territory of Ephraim and Manasseh

Benjamin's territory

Territory of the rest of the tribes

Cities of Refuge, Levitical cities

The altar by the Jordan

Joshua's charge to the people

Joshua's farewell address