Beyond Today Bible Commentary: Judges

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Table of Contents

Continuing and incomplete conquest

Israel's unfaithfulness after Joshua's death

Othniel, Ehud and Shamgar

Deborah and Barak

The Song of Deborah

Midianite oppression, Gideon's first works, sign of the fleece

Gideon's army of 300

Gideon's diplomacy, vindication, humility and foolishness

The Ammonite oppression

Jephthah and his vow

The war between Ephraim and Gilead

The birth of Samson

Samson's marriage

Foxes and firebrands and the jawbone of an ass

Samson and Delilah, death of Samson with the Philistines

Micah's household shrine

Dan adopts Micah's error and takes Laish

The Levite's concubine and the crime of Gibeah

Israel's war against Benjamin

Wives for Benjamin