Beyond Today Bible Commentary: Zechariah

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Table of Contents

Visions of the horses among the myrtle trees and the four horns and skilled workmen

Vision of the measuring of Jerusalem

Vision concerning Joshua the high priest and the coming Branch

Vision of the golden menorah and olive trees

Visions of the flying scroll and the ephah carried to Shinar

Vision of the four chariots and the crowning of Joshua

The question of the extra fasts, restoration of Israel and Judah, fasts of mourning turned to joy

Prophecy against Judah's neighbors, the Messiah's two comings

God will save and restore Israel and Judah

Desolation of Israel, false shepherds, 30 pieces of silver

Future siege of Jerusalem, Judah to devour surrounding peoples and be saved, mourning for the One they pierced

End of idolatry, shepherd stricken and sheep scattered

The Lord destroys His enemies and rules over all the earth, all nations to observe the Feast of Tabernacles