Bible Commentary: 1 Chronicles 26

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1 Chronicles 26

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David Organizes the Security Force

Among the gatekeepers, part of the temple security force, was the family of Obed-Edom, who had housed the ark for three months (see 1 Chronicles 13:13-14). He and his large family had served in this capacity after the ark had been moved (1 Chronicles 16:37-38), and David had them continue this work. There were also Levites assigned specifically to watch over the treasury—the descendants of Moses among them. And finally, there were Levitical officers and judges appointed to take care of business in the rest of the country, away from the temple.

1 Chronicles 26:10 contains some interesting information. Here a father sets one of his sons as first even though he is not the firstborn. That it was unusual may be ascertained from its mention here. Yet God had, as we have seen repeatedly, directed that this be done many times before. Such occurred with Seth, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Ephraim, Moses and even David—and now Solomon too.