Bible Commentary: 1 Chronicles 7

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1 Chronicles 7

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The Rest of Israel

Chapter 7 contains the genealogies for other tribes of Israel. Not much is said in these chapters of the family of Naphtali (verse 13). And nothing at all is said of the descendants of Dan and Zebulun. The reason for this is not known. Expositor's Bible Commentary suggests that "these tribes may simply have had little influence or relevance among the Jews who made up Ezra's community."

Verses 20-27 gives the descent of Joshua from Joseph's son Ephraim. "The fact that there were nine generations between Joshua, the famous successor to Moses, and Ephraim (vv. 23-27) supports the view that the story in vv. 21, 22 [of the men of Gath killing Ephraim's sons] occurred before the Exodus" (Nelson Study Bible, note on verse 27).