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2 Chronicles 14:1-8 and Related

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Asa, Nadab, Baasha

The war between Abijam and Jeroboam set up a period of peace for Abijam’s successor, Asa. One of the most righteous and zealous kings of Judah during much of his reign, Asa carried out extensive reforms, which we will see more about in our next reading. For turning to God, Asa was blessed with an entire decade of peace, during which he was able to fortify the kingdom.

But while Asa was enjoying quiet, the kingdom of Israel was suffering great internal turmoil. In Asa’s second year, the independent northern kingdom lost its founding king. Then Jeroboam’s son Nadab lasted less than two years before the first of Israel’s seven changes of dynasty took place. As prophesied by Ahijah (1 Kings 14:10 1 Kings 14:10Therefore, behold, I will bring evil on the house of Jeroboam, and will cut off from Jeroboam him that urinates against the wall, and him that is shut up and left in Israel, and will take away the remnant of the house of Jeroboam, as a man takes away dung, till it be all gone.
American King James Version×
), Baasha was very thorough in getting rid of Jeroboam’s descendants. But he did not prove to be any better at obeying God.


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