What should we do when the Bible appears to disagree with science?

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What should we do when the Bible appears to disagree with science?

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In the last few centuries man's inquisitive nature has teamed up with his increasing ability to record, analyze and share what he has learned, resulting in a staggering increase of knowledge. Amazingly, the Bible foretold this knowledge explosion as a hallmark of our modern society long before our technological and scientific advances could have been imagined (Daniel 12:4).

Some people believe that much of recently acquired knowledge disagrees with the Bible, particularly in the areas of biology, anthropology, geology and astronomy. It is precisely this perception—of science contradicting Scripture—that has led many people to doubt the accuracy and authority of the Bible.

At first glance we see what appears to be a collision course of revelation with science. We think we must choose between physical, scientific evidence and the claims of Scripture. Our resulting quandary may distress us. But the Bible itself encourages us to find answers, to review all the relevant information before reaching a conclusion (1 Thessalonians 5:21; Proverbs 18:13). We find that true scientific knowledge does not disagree with the Bible. Nor does the Bible contradict proven scientific discoveries.

It is important to keep in mind that some of what is taught as "science" today is not proven fact, but rather theories. And when the theories postulated are based on the assumption that there is no God, the conclusion is false, even though it may be declared as "science." Romans 1:18-25 describes those who—in spite of the prolific evidence for a Creator—refuse to acknowledge God and profess themselves to be wise teachers of truth. We address some of the assumed conflicts between science and the Bible in the booklet Is the Bible True?

God encourages us to learn and discover the truth, and the Bible also urges us to keep an open mind lest we end up rejecting the truth. Many people assume that the Bible says certain things that it doesn't really say. Others hold fast to a mind-set prejudiced against the Scriptures because of what they imagine is a mountain of evidence contradicting the biblical record.

Sadly, it will be difficult for such people to give the Bible a fair hearing. But they should emulate the noble and open-minded approach of the people of the city of Berea as recorded in the book of Acts. The Bereans were "more fair-minded" than those in other areas. As a result, "they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so" (Acts 17:11).

We encourage you to similarly search out the truth, objectively examining the evidence to see whether the Bible is indeed what it claims to be: the inspired Word of God.

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  • rwp_47
    In that 1 October 2014 post I ended it by referring to Eccl:8:17 which tells us ... forget it ... no one can figure it all out. And that's why its written that without faith its impossible to please him. If we can't figure it out then all we can do is to trust him. And that's what he requires. We simply have to learn to trust him and obey his words. Its plainly evident in the bible that humanity must pass thru a sieve (a strainer). The only ones who will pass thru the sieve in this Pentecost dispensation of time are the faithful and obedient (just like Jesus) ... those who are Christ-like ... those who have conformed to the image of Christ. Those in the second resurrection will have to conform to the image of the Bride of Christ (I know ... that's not what you've been taught ... but I think that's the way its going to play out). In any case both groups will have to be trusting of God and childlike. The rest will be caught in the sieve and discarded in the lake of fire. The overview that pertains to humanity is really that simple. If the bible is the truth ... then the truth is ... we're going to have to trust him. In the end no one but the trusting will be left. To a saint that makes all the sense in the world. To the non-saint (the presently uncalled, the normal guy on the street) its absolute rubbish ... foolishness (1 Cor:2:14). So what's new (1 Cor:2:7-8)?
  • rwp_47
    Just a final follow up thought to the 6 September comment above. Just think about 1 Cor.2:7. If the world wasn't intentionally kept ignorant then it wouldn't have killed the "Lord of glory". But it Jesus didn't suffer and die as he did then how would he have attained the necessary worthiness to open the book in Rev.5 (to bring on that future)? And how could he have become the perfect captain of our salvation (Heb.2:10) without that suffering? And if he failed to become (and to accomplish) these things then how could the Kingdom of God be restored to the earth ... and how could we be saved? And how could any of that happen if when the Son of Man came he found only perfectly good (fully informed) people on earth? In that case ... how could he have suffered and died? Obviously ... he couldn't have. So all this terribleness we see around us in this world is just part of the plan. The plan has always been to collect the armies at Armageddon and to take the world thru the great tribulation. With that understanding, how could anyone wonder why human knowledge production and the bible would be at such odds one to the other? It was obviously planned that way. Now that realization might be a bitter pill to swallow (if one never realized it before). Who knows ... it might even go a long way to providing some kind of explanation of the angelic rebellion. It might have been hard for them to swallow too. Maybe they couldn't find it in their hearts to embrace the fact that in the final analysis ... everything is by him and for him ... as he plainly tells us in the scriptures. Like Job, we too were made by him and for him. And like Job, in order for us to become what he wants, we're going to have to be put thru the ringer too. And a world in complete disagreement with the bible is just part of that ringer. Its just the way it is ... and just the way he wants it. Obviously. My recommendation? Be obedient and grab ahold of his promises - and don't ever let go. That's the only successful way there is thru this greatest of all can of worms (Eccl.8:17).
  • rwp_47
    Continued from the 6 Sept post. 1Cor.2:7,8 "But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery - :Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory." They (the world) weren't allowed to know God's wisdom? But what was the point of killing the Lord of Glory? What was wise about that? What's wise about it is what it accomplished. And what did it accomplish? It created a future where the kingdom of God (long absent from the earth due to the angelic rebellion fermented by Satan long before man - Is.14:12-15) is again restored to earth so all the promises of God made since the beginning can be accomplished. Notice Rev.5. In heaven God sits on his throne. In his right hand a book - sealed with 7 seals. What is this book? Its the future (the only one God will allow). Notice though. When asked who is worthy to captain this future (to accomplish it - who is worthy to open the book and loose the seals?). The answer ... no one. No world "Beyond Today", no salvation, no resurrections, ... no future. But then what does it say? A champion, who originally wasn't worthy, has prevailed and made himself the perfect captain (Heb.2:10). And how did he do that? He suffered and died ... and in so doing he "became" the perfect captain. What was it that he learned that he lacked? "Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered;" (Heb.5:8). If that's something he had to learn ... you can bet you life that we'll have to learn it too. That's why the Lord of Glory had to be crucified. It was the only way to a future where satan's rule could be replaced by the Kingdom of God and where God's plan to grow his family could take place. So what should we do when the Bible appears to disagree with science? We should learn obedience by the things which we suffer on account of it - so we too can be in that world tomorrow ... the Kingdom of God.
  • rwp_47
    Modern thinking (including science) must disagree with the bible. It doesn't really have a choice because God doesn't give it a choice. Jesus confirms this when he says; "No man can come to me, except the Father which sent me draw him: ..." John 6:44. No one can just decide, on their own, to believe and accept the bible ... to accept Jesus. An invitation has to be given ... they have to be drawn. Jesus spoke to the world in parables ... Why? The disciples were curious about that too (Matthew 13:10,11). And what did Jesus tell them? He basically said the world isn't allowed to understand. So he used parables like a code. So he would tell the public the truth ... but not so they would understand. One might wonder ... well, what kind of sense does that make? So is there an explanation for it? Well, yes there is. Consider 1 Corinthians 2:7,8 for example: "But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, ... : Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory." The point is, there is a great plan being worked out. And that plan requires an ignorant world. In the case above the world's ignorance was required in order that the Messiah be killed. The world didn't have a choice as to whether it would kill Jesus or not. That was part of the plan. Because who would have killed Jesus if they had understood? No one ... that's who. Not if they really and truly understood what's really going on (and that would be regardless of their motive). Isn't that what 1 Corinthians plainly says? The world was tricked, by keeping it ignorant, into killing the Messiah. Well, one might wonder ... then what's the point of killing the Messiah? Actually there's an answer for that too. But there's not space here to go into that. But the point is ... the world and its thinking doesn't have a choice ... it is forced to disagree with the bible ... because God keeps it ignorant intentionally. Its just part of the plan. And the clueless world is behaving just as planned ... and it will continue to do so ... because it simply has no choice.
  • rwp_47
    We have to understand ... the bible and science fundamentally disagree because their starting premises are incompatible. The bible assumes (that is it holds as axiomatic) a supernatural creator God while science assumes there is no supernatural and matter/energy cannot be created or destroyed. Science assumes life is a natural phenomena while the bible assumes life only comes from the creator God and is not "natural" at all (but is supernatural and has a spiritual component without which life is not possible). So their most basic and fundamental starting points are diametrically opposed to one another. Consequently disagreement between the two is as unavoidable as anything can be and its just folly to expect anything else.
  • Torquil
    I have come into this rather late in the piece but be patient. In In my 78 years on this earth I have seen numerous scientific theories change and catch up with the true meaning of the scriptures.
  • howiedaherp

    A good point. Please search out the truth, and be open minded, examine the evidence. You may be supprised.

    "The sky is only blue if you look up and see it as so."
    ( no reference allowed per UCG policy)

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