Will people be working during the Millennium?

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Will people be working during the Millennium?

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The Bible tells us that those who respond to God during this age will be rulers in the coming Kingdom of God (Revelation 1:6; 2:26). Of course there will be many additional jobs for those living during the 1,000 years after Christ returns. Some of the jobs will be in the field of agriculture (Amos 9:13). Others will be involved in reclaiming wealth from the sea (Isaiah 60:5), turning war implements into productive tools (Isaiah 2:4) and rebuilding (Isaiah 58:12).

Additionally, Isaiah 65:17-22 (a time period beyond the Millennium), indicates that people will be building houses and planting vineyards. Verse 22 says that God's elect (those who respond to Him) will "long enjoy the work of their hands." Being productive, through work, is obviously something we hope to continue doing long into the future.