Bible Study Course Lesson 11: Christianity—A Way of Life

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Is it acceptable to believe we are free to worship God as we wish, to refashion God in our own image? Or has God revealed an approach to life that He expects us to follow? Does it make any difference in the relationship we are supposed to have with Him? In this lesson we examine the answers to these questions and more from the Scriptures.

The way leading to eternal life is the way of living within the boundaries defined in God's law. It is not the broad and popular way that approves of any behavioral preference and practice.

The key to living a way of life different from the ways of the world is to allow God's Spirit to work in us so we think like Jesus Christ.

Love sums up God's character, His motivation, how He lives and how He deals with us. He wants us to show love in all our dealings with others.

Prayer and Bible study is essential to a good relationship with God.

If we love God and desire a close relationship with Him, we need to spend time honoring Him and drawing close to Him by observing the Sabbath.

Trust and fidelity—faith in God and faithfulness to His Word—are essential aspects of the way of life of the Scriptures.

One of Christ's most famous parables is that of the Good Samaritan.

We need to guard against returning to the evil practices He condemns, to the sins Christ's sacrifice has covered.

God expects us to be examples to the people of the world.

The following questions are intended as a study aid, to spur further thought on the concepts discussed in this lesson and help you apply them personally.

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