Chapter Outline of the Book of Revelation

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Chapter Outline of the Book of Revelation

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Chapter 1
Story Flow: Introduction

Chapter 2-3
*Message to the seven churches

Chapter 4-5
Story Flow: Prelude—Setting

Chapter 6
Story Flow: First six seals

Chapter 7
Story Flow: 144.000 and the great multitude

Chapter 8-10
Story Flow: The trumpet plagues

Chapter 11
Story Flow: The two witnesses

Chapter 12
*The true church

Chapter 13
* The two beasts

Chapter 14
*The three messages

Chapter 15-16
Story Flow: The seven last plagues

Chapter 17-18
*The false church

Chapter 19
Story Flow: The return of Jesus Christ

Chapter 20
Story Flow: The Millennium

Chapter 21-22
Story Flow: The new heaven and new earth

Inset: *Several chapters in the book are insets. Although most of the book's chapters flow in chronological order, these chapters describe background events and conditions that are not part of the story flow and may span centuries.