How to Use Biblical Quotes and References

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How to Use Biblical Quotes and References

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Although we quote many biblical references for your convenience, this is intended as a Bible study course. To receive the full benefit of each lesson, you must actively participate. Often after a Bible quote, we add one or more scriptures after the word compare. These verses are usually similar to the passage already quoted, but often they add understanding and a broader perspective. In going through each lesson, we recommend that you look up each scripture cited.

We also make comments that support important points in the lesson. Such statements are sometimes followed by Bible references that are not quoted. Again, to receive the full benefit from these lessons, you should look up each reference. The extra time spent will be amply rewarded by increased understanding of the subject at hand.

The context of the quote is important as well. Often space prevents us from quoting as much of a particular passage as we might like to. So it is well worth your time and effort to look up even those passages that are already quoted in the lesson and read the verses before and after. As you do this you will increase your understanding of and familiarity with God's Word, the Bible.