What Next?

What Next?

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In the next lesson, however, we will examine how God, through the Holy Spirit, works in those who have repented and are baptized to transform their character to reflect His holy, righteous character. We will explore the details of how God continues the conversion process after baptism, creating, in His servants, His own divine nature.

In the meantime we suggest you set aside time to carefully study the Gospel of Luke. This account of the good news of Jesus Christ is particularly focused on His teachings relating to repentance and conversion. We suggest you begin each study period with prayer. Ask God to give you understanding. Ask Him to assist you in applying what you read to your life. After you have finished studying Luke, we suggest you review what you have learned in this lesson.

If you desire personal counseling, you may contact our office nearest you for information on how to get in touch with a faithful minister of Jesus Christ who is serving your area. All of the ministers we recommend keep the commandments of God and are well trained in Bible understanding. They reside in many areas throughout the world. You may request their counsel and guidance free of charge and without any obligation on your part.

For additional information on the subjects covered in this lesson, be sure to request the following free booklets: