The Resurrection of Christ: Hope for the Ages

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The Resurrection of Christ

Hope for the Ages

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For a believer, the focus on Christ's resurrection is a central tenet of faith. What the disciples saw after three days and three nights was a tomb without a body and the risen Christ in recognizable bodily form. They saw and touched Him. Their mourning was indeed turned to joy. Christ was raised from the realm of the dead and appeared multiple times over the coming days before finally ascending to heaven. Because of this, Christians have the opportunity to receive eternal life.

It's surprising then, that the day most people celebrate to remember this most important of events actually obscures the truth of Christ's suffering, death and resurrection. As we'll see, Easter customs not only have non-Christian origins, they actually change the story and keep Christians from fully understanding the truth of salvation.

Truly understanding the history and life-changing significance of Jesus' life, death and resurrection requires us to place this event within the proper context of God's festivals. These are the same festivals God gave to Israel and that Christ and His disciples were observing when He died.

We'll also see that instead of observing the false traditions associated today with Easter, the early Church observed the Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread. These festivals and their meaning have the same relevance for Christians today that they had during the first century. The modern world has not moved beyond the need for the power of the resurrected Christ. When we observe the holy occasions God ordained, it helps us understand and appreciate Christ's atoning sacrifice. We become sensitive to His life in us and begin to live by His Word and Spirit. Not only is this a key to understanding the salvation process but it is the foundation for building a successful Christian life today.

Today there are many attacks on our faith and basic truths of the Bible. You can prove Christ's life, death and resurrection and in doing so gain insight into the most basic and essential needs of life. You can also prove the origins of the false traditions of Easter and see that God's biblical festivals hold the true meaning of salvation.