What's the Rest of the Story About Easter?

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What's the Rest of the Story About Easter?

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Having learned the sources and backgrounds of two major religious holidays, one might rightly wonder which days, if any, a Christian should observe. God in His Word shows a better way of life with better days of worship He has appointed for His people.

What's wrong with Easter traditions? They fail to tell you the true path to eternal life through Jesus Christ the Son of God. They obscure the truth of the Passover, which symbolizes Jesus' sacrifice through which we can be saved. Easter is based on false worship of ancient pagan deities. Its traditions celebrate physical rebirth and sexual rituals, not the spiritual reality of Jesus' life, suffering, death and resurrection. Joining the truth of Christ's resurrection to such a myth turns the truth of God into a lie. Easter with all its traditions is a lie.

We challenge you to look into your Bible to see what God tells us about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Instead of observing a humanly-devised holiday rooted in myth, why not keep the Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread? These God-given festivals explain the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in full and proper context. These days give us hope in the redeeming power of Jesus' sacrifice in overcoming sin in our lives.