Introduction: How to Understand the Bible

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How to Understand the Bible

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To many it's difficult to understand, yet the Bible itself gives us keys to understand it!

The Bible is the world's best-selling book. Year after year millions of copies are sold or given away. Although most ancient books have disappeared from memory, the Bible continues to be printed more than any other book and is available in more than 2,000 languages. It has helped form the basis for Western society and has shaped much of its religious, economic and social outlook.

Yet in spite of the Bible's popularity, it has also rightly been described as the world's most misunderstood book. Although millions of people are Bible readers, many find it hard to understand. Some even give up trying, thinking it is too confusing.

Possibly you have been one of those who have found the Bible difficult to comprehend. Perhaps you wish you knew how to better apply its timeless principles and use it to build a right relationship with its author, your Creator.

How can you become one of those who do understand what the Scriptures say?

Let's look to the Bible itself for the answer. It reveals ways to better grasp its message to mankind. Throughout its pages are principles that, when applied, can help your comprehension. Let's now explore a number of important keys that will help open up this Book of books to your understanding.

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