If this describes you, it will take a bit of courage, but please keep reading. Set denial aside for a moment—and you'll see, there is real hope.

If you have a drinking problem and are still reading, that's a good sign. Maybe you're to the point where you're fed up with your addiction and the crippling consequences like health problems, job loss, jail time, and broken family and friendships.

If you're at this point, you can finally begin breaking free.

If you can honestly admit to yourself that alcohol has become a problem in your life, then the door to recovery is starting to open.

It's time to have real relief. It's time to start rebuilding and restoring your life with the power only God can provide.

If it's not you, but if it's your spouse, family member, friend or coworker that has a drinking problem that affects you—you too can find real help and support today.