Internet Pornography Affects Christians

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Internet Pornography Affects Christians

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By now we are used to hearing statistics such as a fifth of our youth are solicited while surfing the Internet and that a virtual flood of pornography is increasingly available to online users.

But one fact many may not be aware of is the debilitating effect of pornography on Christians. The Southern California Christian Times reported that "those who have dealt with the issue of sexual addictions say the Christian community is far from exempt when it comes to the lure of pornography on the Internet. Unlike other addictive behaviors, sex carries an enormous stigma that is not easily bridged in Christian circles."

But how extensive is this particular problem? This article continued: "Although securing data is difficult because of the nature of the lifestyle, other studies suggest that 10 percent of the Christian community is sexually addicted."

And yet Christians hesitate to ask for needed help partially because, as Steve Watters, Internet expert for Focus on the Family, stated: "There is an increased pressure in the church for people to look their best and not demonstrate anything that represents weakness, especially if it's sexual addiction."

But this is no time to put our heads in the sand. The salvation of sufferers may be at stake. Addicts should be able to consult confidentially with their pastors and other competent professional counselors without fear.

Sources: Southern California Christian Times, The Washington Times.

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